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EasyTax Refund

Foreign tourists can get the tax refund by buying items in the 
'Easy Tax Refund' marked shop, showing the purchased items to customs, getting a tax refund cheque (electronically)stamped and finally submitting the receipt to the 'Easy Tax Refund' counter in the airport or putting it into a 'Easy Tax Refund' mailbox. Explore Easy Tax Refund shops and be Smart Shopper!

Enjoy shopping at Easy Tax Refund shops and get refunds!

Follow the steps to get the tax refund

  • Spend more than 30,000 KRW in purchasing items at a shop
  • Purchased items must be submitted to customs no later than 3 months from the date of the purchase
  • Foreign travelers who can stay in Korea under six months Koreans who have stayed in overseas for more than two years (permanent resident, studying abroad, overseas employment, overseas study) Koreans who are living in overseas, and the length of stay in Korea is limited to 3 months
STEP01.Buying items
Ask for tax refund receipts after you spent more than 30,000 KRW at a shop 
with an 'Easy Tax Refund' mark.next
STEP02.Get stamped
At the time of departure, present purchased items, tax refund receipts and your passport to the customs in the Airport/cruise terminal and get the receipt (electronically) stamped. No stamp, no refund! next
Get refunds at an Easy Tax Refund counter in the airport/cruise terminal or get refunds transferred directly to your credit card account/Alipay account by using the mailbox method.

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